Our Faculty & Staff

dr richard brake

Dr. Richard Brake


Dr. Brake took the helm of SMA in August 2018. In addition to overseeing the entire mission of the school, he teaches History, Philosophy, Literature, Political Science, and Economics.  He also coaches Boys Basketball.


Mrs. Sara Keefe


Mrs. Keefe has taught Literature at SMA since 2015.  Her oldest son, Ben, graduated from SMA in 2018, her second oldest son, Charlie, will graduate in 2020.


Mrs. Colleen Mikelson

Biology, Chemistry, Physics

Mrs. Mikelson joined the SMA faculty in 2018.  She teaches earth science, biology, chemistry, and physics and also serves as the school’s college and career advisor.


Mr. Andrew Moe

Literature, Theology

Mr. Moe began teaching theology at SMA in 2014, and is now the department chair.  He also serves as the school’s director of vocations and catechesis.


Mr. Paul Radatovich

History, Theology, Geography

Mr. Radatovich began his career at SMA in the fall of 2019. He teaches a variety of humanities classes and is also a key contributing member to the school’s marketing team.


Ms. Cora Rogers

Mathematics, Fine Arts

Ms. Rogers joined the SMA Faculty in 2018, teaching its entire mathematics repertoire, along with art history and fine art. She previously taught at the Uncommon Charter High School of Brooklyn, New York.


Mr. Mark Spinnenweber

History, Philosophy

Mr. Spinnenweber began his career at SMA in the fall of 2019, teaching philosophy, history, and a Trivium course for middle schoolers. He grew up in Steubenville, immersed in the rich tradition of Franciscan University.


Mr. Shea Whitmore

Literature, Theology, Latin

Mr. Whitmore joined the SMA Faculty in 2018, teaching courses in literature and theology while also serving as the school’s Latin Master. He is Head Coach of Boys Golf and Assistant Coach of the Boys Basketball team.

Mr. Augustin Zehnder

Music, Science

Mr. Zehnder joined the SMA Faculty in January 2020, teaching choral and instrumental music, as well as science classes. He is an accomplished violin player and an authority on Classical Catholic education.


Mr. Larry Rudnicki

Athletics, Communications

Mr. Rudnicki joined the SMA Staff in 2018.  He has 20 years of coaching experience, most recently in Colorado, where he helped build a national-caliber distance running program.


Mrs. Heidi Kendziorski

Business Manager


Mrs. Mary De Agostino

Executive Assistant