Dr. Brake discusses our Mission as we navigate the COVID-19 crisis.

Welcome to the start of the 2019-20 academic year! Please know of my sincere gratitude and heartfelt prayers to all of you who have decided to make St. Michael Academy the educational and spiritual home for your students this year!

I can’t adequately express our excitement as we welcome the largest student body ever to our school. I’m also pleased to announce several new educational programs for this year, including Junior High Enrichment, Homeschool Electives, and Robotics – and also new service-oriented clubs, including Pro-Life, Key Club, and Student Ambassadors. Also, for the first time in our history, we have an athletic team with a State-wide ranking – our Boys Cross Country team has been ranked in the Division-4 Top Ten all season!

We teach the True, the Good, and the Beautiful at SMA, taking our students on an intellectual and spiritual journey through Athens, Rome, and Jerusalem. It’s a challenging but rewarding journey, resulting, we pray, with the development of “Smart Saints” who can raise families, spread the Gospel, defend their Catholic faith, and perform the duties of American citizenship.

It’s a profound honor for us to help form and educate the mind, body, and soul of your child, and to grow together as a community of faith.

St. Michael, pray for us!
Dr. Richard Brake, Headmaster

September 2019